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Member Code of Conduct

Code of Safety for Family Office Members

CCC Alliance is founded on a common set of values shared by all of the members. These shared values are the basis for all of the benefits that our members derive from CCC Alliance. To ensure the continued strength and integrity of CCC Alliance, members must have a shared respect for privacy and for differing points of view, backgrounds and experiences. These core values in turn facilitate the active participation we expect from members in CCC Alliance.

Our shared values prescribe a code of conduct that we expect all members to follow:

  1. Trust - CCC Alliance is founded on the principles of open communication and trust, which are essential for member participation.

  2. Confidentiality - Information shared by members must be treated as sensitive and confidential.

  3. No Selling - CCC Alliance is a forum for the exchange of ideas and information and a vehicle for mutual cost reduction.

  4. Professionalism - Participation in discussion, debate, and business dealings is always conducted in a professional and respectful manner.

  5. Participation - Participation makes CCC Alliance successful. Members are expected to share ideas and challenge the thoughts of others.

  6. No Raiding - Fellow members are not to be targeted as potential clients or as possible staff. Any discussions regarding clients or staff of other member offices must be fully disclosed with that member office.

  7. Honor System - CCC Alliance operates under an honor system and we trust that admitted members have a high degree of integrity and respect for the privacy of the group. CCC Alliance reserves the right to dismiss members from the membership if there is any violation of trust.

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