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Collaborate With Families and Family Office Peers

The diverse membership of CCC Alliance includes families with a wide array of backgrounds, experiences, and geographies.  Members share an interest in learning from their peers in a confidential setting.  CCC Alliance's quarterly meetings give member families the opportunity to build relationships and share ideas. This invaluable peer interaction is further enhanced by active problem solving in areas of mutual interest.

CCC Alliance draws upon its membership to deliver unique content driven by its member families.  We also draw upon our deep network to invite leading experts to speak on fundamental aspects of family office management, including investments, philanthropy, and family governance. 

CCC Alliance members provide each other firsthand insights based upon practical experience. By bringing together a diverse group of peers, we offer each member fresh ideas, generations of best practices and the invaluable perspective from lessons learned through mistakes.

Managed Q&A -  Ask questions of your peers in a safe and confidential manner. We direct and manage questions to provide efficient and safe Q&A. 

Network of Networks - Each family brings their network and industry and geographic expertise to the table. 

Peer Meetings - Meetings throughout the year provide collegial and robust interaction.


Member Driven - Our most engaging subject matter is delivered by our members themselves. 

Shared Resources - CCC gains access and shares resources and services with the membership providing cost savings. 

Archived Knowledge - Access decades of knowledge and history through our secure and safe platform.

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