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Virtuous Circle

Family Office Peer Assistance

The provider community will often tell you what you want to hear. Unconflicted peer families will tell you what you need to hear
Members help one another. Whether it is a family office concern or personal challenge, members willingly help their fellow members.  

"CCC is an extraordinary community of special people and it is a privilege to be in your company."

 -  CCC Member of 12 years, Boston MA

CCC Alliance is a unique community that stands at the ready to assist one another. CCC Alliance member community has grown into a deep network of networks with a rich diversity of geographic, industry and experiential value.

The CCC team facilitates connections between members to meet challenges and solve problems.

In Work - The resources of the network are brought to bear on any and all of the efforts in the family office, whether in the realm of investments, technology, governance, legal, trust and estate, philanthropy or whatever professional challenges the member might face.

In Life -  Families in the network are tapped for help with "softer" and more personal issues, ranging from child rearing and education, to personal missions or health care crises. 

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