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Best Thinking

Family Office Thought Membership

The provider community will often tell you what you want to hear. Unconflicted peer families will tell you what you need to hear
Members seeking assistance on specific matters can rely on CCC Alliance's professional staff.  Our team employs their own knowledge and experience as well as CCC Alliance's expansive network of leading family offices and industry experts.  We manage member questions and answers on a confidential, opt-in basis, and maintain a database of past responses for member use.

CCC Alliance distills the best practices of peers to help members make better decisions with their resources.  In addition to CCC Alliance’s staff expertise, members gain direct access to thought leaders and peers with relevant experience.  


Members also derive benefits from CCC Alliance’s strategic alliance with the Wharton School in the Wharton Global Family Alliance. This Alliance globalizes the CCC Alliance peer network, and provides access to cutting edge research at one of the world’s finest business schools.

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