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Our Team

Family Office Experience

CCC Alliance is the only consortium that is founded and run by people who share the experiences of the members because they run their own single family offices. Collectively the team has over 90 years of  experience with their own family offices, and over 25 years of exposure to a multitude of family experiences of  CCC Alliance members


The CCC Alliance founders have managed the generational shifts, and introduced their family enterprises into new areas of wealth creation while preserving existing wealth. The founders are actively involved in their family’s charitable foundations, have raised children in an environment of wealth and responsibility and have dealt with the many complex challenges of working with one’s family.

Laird Pitcairn Pendleton, Managing Partner and Co-founder  

and Chairman of the Wharton Global Family Alliance Advisory Board
Laird has over thirty years of experience in the family office industry. He is the co-founder and Principal of the Cairnwood Cooperative Corporation, a single family office that manages the affairs of the third through seventh generation of the Pitcairn family, with offices in Boston and the Philadelphia area. The Pitcairn family founded the Pittsburg Plate Glass Company in 1883, which is known as PPG Industries. In 2004 Laird helped launch the Wharton Global Family Alliance, a joint venture between CCC Alliance and the Wharton School, where he serves as Chairman of the Advisory Board. Laird is active on various corporate and charitable boards and is a Director and former President of The Glencairn Foundation, the family's charitable giving arm. He is a graduate of Lehigh University and the Babson Graduate School of Business where he was a Sorenson Merit Scholar.

Barney Corning, Partner and Co-founder

Barney is principal manager of Cove Capital, the East Coast family office branch of the Corning family.  The Cornings have additional offices in Ohio and California.  Since 1992, Barney has been involved in all aspects family office management and has specialized in venture capital investing.  Barney’s career also includes experience in portfolio management (Excalibur Management) and quantitative portfolio analytics (IDC/Barra).  Mr. Corning is a director of American Foundation, his family's charitable giving arm, and serves on boards of charitable organizations as well as several small venture firms. He is a graduate of Trinity College and Boston University's Graduate School of Management.

Kristin Dougherty, Partner, COO  

Kristin has worked in family office administrations since 2002, reaching her most recent position as controller. She has been involved in administering all aspects of family office responsibilities, including portfolio administration and reporting, partnership accounting and tax preparations, trust and estate administration and client service. She is a graduate of New York University.


Leigh Albrecht, Partner, Communications Director
Leigh has been with CCC since 2003 and has over 17 years experience in the family office space. Leigh supports the CCC Alliance member services and manages member communications. She is a member of the Cairnwood Cooperative Investment Committee and a member of the Cairnwood Cooperative Board and is a graduate of Trinity College..

If experience is the best teacher, CCC Alliance and its network of families provides the finest hands-on learning environment in the family arena. CCC Alliance exists so that families can help each other.

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