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What Members Have to Say

Family Office Peer Testimonials

Our members know this is a community that stands at the ready to help. Families stay members even when they can't make meetings because assistance comes in many forms, often when least expected. 

"Being a CCC Alliance member has been a tremendous asset for our family as we move through periods of change over the past several years. Having the chance to speak with thoughtful, interested and creative peer families from around the country has been a wonderful resource as our family thinks strategically about our future....We are incredibly glad we are members! "

                 -  CCC Member of 5 years

"We greatly value being members of the CCC community.  In fact, it feels more like family in important ways, given the opportunity to enhance wisdom related to business and financial matters, but more importantly human capital objectives are broadened as well.  And, as the years have gone by, the quality of our engagement has only increased.  The thoughtful curation of both membership and agendas is truly outstanding. We especially celebrate the sharing of experiences by other family members.  Of course, we have also been deeply touched by kindness extended to us in connection with the very personal challenge of a family member’s health crisis. Keep doing what you do!  We are so honored and grateful to be CCC members."

                  -  CCC Member of 12 years

"The CCC Alliance is our family’s most treasured and valuable membership.  It is special, strong, and value-generating for the same reasons that a thriving family business or family office is — it is a long-standing legacy of commitment to a mission, adherence to values, and fulfillment of vision.  I leave every meeting with pages full of notes that I reference often, pockets full of business cards that I don’t throw away at the airport, a head full of ideas I can’t wait to implement, and a heart full of renewed passion for continuing our family’s legacy."

                  -  CCC Member of 15 years

"We have built friendships and connections with other families that go beyond the gatherings. CCC members are a strong support and sounding board for when we have issues or questions within our group. It has been a great learning experience, one which we hope to continue nurturing... A lot of importance is placed on the next generation family members and how to involve them today in decision making, which is fundamental for a multigenerational family... The Member Meetings are relevant to us as a family, on succession planning issues, tax planning, business ideas, economic trends. They help us have a well-rounded view of the world."

                   -  CCC Member of 7 years

"The CCC Alliance has been a wonderful resource and asset to my family and me. In fact, the network helped save my son's life!  Thank you for being such a blessing to us. "

                  -  CCC Member of 3 years

"Just realized that I have been a member since 2007! I have found CCCs meeting to be informative, thought provoking and actionable. I have met a number of colleagues with whom I regularly discuss significant issues regarding investment, charity and family matters. Thank you for making CCC what it is."

                  -  CCC Member of 12 years

“CCC Alliance is the only national and now global family office consortium we have found that is truly un-conflicted. Because they accept no sponsorship or “vendor members” the Alliance is unique in the industry and provides an independent viewpoint on a variety important issues. This independence has been particularly valuable in times of turmoil and crisis such as 2001 and 2008.”

                  -  CCC Member of 25 years, Boston

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